When first choosing an ignition interlock provider, there are several key factors you should be aware of before you commit to a provider. One such factor is an ignition interlock contract. Similar to cell phone or cable service providers, these companies lock you into a contract for the duration of your ignition interlock term. But the good news is not all ignition interlock providers require long-term contracts.

Now there may be circumstances where a long-term contract could be to your benefit, but in most cases, having a monthly lease is the better option. For example, should you be allowed to remove your ignition interlock device early, before the end of your contract term, you could incur an early termination fee. Which means you either pay the fee to be released from your contract early, or keep the interlock device beyond your required term and continue paying the monthly charge. Either way you’re paying the company for nothing.

Providers that force their customers into long-term contracts may feel like they’re under less obligation to provide excellent customer service, since they have you locked into something you cannot get out of without paying an exorbitant fee.

However, choosing an ignition interlock company that offers a month-to-month lease option provides you with the ability to change providers as you wish, should you ever have customer service issues, problems with your ignition interlock device not working as expected, reporting issues or anything else that may arise.

If you do decide to change providers before the end of your ignition interlock term, keep in mind there will be fees involved. The provider that installed your ignition interlock device will most likely charge a removal fee to uninstall it from your vehicle. This is a standard fee that most providers charge. When you switch to your new provider, you will have to pay another installation charge to have the new ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. These devices are not interchangeable between providers. Each ignition interlock company has its own equipment that can only be used with their monitoring service. In the end, paying a new installation fee may be worth having your ignition interlock device monitored and serviced by a company that offers a better customer service experience

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