During the course of your ignition interlock term, you may decide to buy a new vehicle. This means you will have to have your ignition interlock device transferred from your old car into your new one. This isn’t something you are able to do yourself, because any attempt at removal of a device for any reason will be seen as you trying to tamper with the device. This transfer will need to be completed by your provider’s certified shop.

Each state has different laws governing how a device transfer is handled, so you’ll need to check with your state to see if you need prior authorization first. Most interlock device monitoring companies charge a fee for a device transfer from one vehicle into another. These fees vary from company to company and state to state, so check with your monitoring company for the specifics involved with your particular ignition interlock device. You will also need to provide all paperwork associated with your device when having it reinstalled into your new vehicle.

If you foresee needing to transfer your device during your term, it may be worth checking on the estimated costs prior to choosing an ignition interlock provider. That’s where we can help. Start by filling out our Get a Quote form. In less than five minutes, we can provide you with the top ignition interlock providers available in your area.