If you have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, at some point or other you will have to re-test while you are driving. The point of re-testing once you are already driving is to make sure you are the person that blew into your ignition interlock device in the first place. Some people think they can cheat these systems by having someone who hasn’t had any alcohol blow into their devices for them to start their car. Kind of like a random drug test, re-testing ensures you have not consumed any alcohol and are able to pass your ignition interlock device requirements whenever and wherever you are.

When your ignition interlock device alerts you about performing a running re-test, and for whatever reason you fail to complete the test when prompted, you don’t need to worry about your vehicle stalling out wherever you are driving. Your vehicle will not just stop running. Your failure to re-test will be recorded as a missed test or a violation and will be reported to your monitoring authority. Once you’ve arrived at your destination and turned your vehicle off, though, it is very likely it will not turn back on again.

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