Anyone that is convicted of a DUI or DWI is considered to be a “high risk” driver and is required to purchase an addendum to their insurance, a form called SR-22. (In Florida and Virginia, it is known as FR-44.)

This form alerts insurance companies to your status as a high risk driver, and as a result, unfortunately, your insurance rates will significantly rise.

It is your DUI or DWI conviction, not this form, that increases your rates. The jump could be as much as 89% ($1250 per year.) This is an unavoidable consequence of getting a DUI or DWI conviction and one you just have to wait out. Most people find they are required to carry this form on their insurance, on average, up to three years following their conviction, but your court will let you know the specifics of your case and how long you need to have it. But keep in mind that removing it too soon will cause the suspension of your license or even having it revoked altogether. There is a one-time filing fee of $25 for this SR-22 form.