It may be rather obvious, but getting a DWI/DUI is a very expensive mistake to make. Once you get to the point of choosing an ignition interlock provider, you have already paid out large sums of money in attorney fees and court costs. That’s why it’s so important to pay close attention to any and all fees associated with your ignition interlock device. They can vary greatly from provider to provider, so educate yourself on exactly what you are getting for your money. Also keep in mind in most cases, it is not just a monthly lease fee you will be paying. Many providers charge other monthly fees, such as admin costs, fees to ship the device to the shop for initial installation, set-up and data processing fees.

The first cost involved, however, is always the install fee, which can range anywhere from $70 to $150. Pay close attention to any installation providers who offer free ignition interlock device installs. By waiving this upfront fee, they may be overcharging for their monthly lease fees instead. There really is no inexpensive way around this whole ordeal. It is just a costly endeavor and one you need to pay close attention to what all is being charged to you.

Another fee to watch for is the service provider fee, which is charged when an ignition interlock provider contracts with local businesses to install the device. Be aware, you are responsible for paying them for this service. This fee is normally in addition to the install fee you will pay the ignition interlock provider.

You will have reoccurring visits to your install provider for servicing and calibrating of your ignition interlock device. These appointments, usually done on a monthly basis, cost anywhere from $60 to $150 per appointment. This cost depends on the monitoring company, the state and county you reside in and other municipality requirements. Any add-on devices you are required to have installed on your vehicle per your court order, such as a camera, or GPS system, also require regular maintenance, all at a cost to you. There are some providers that include this as part of your monthly lease, and not something additional you are responsible for paying. Our quote form will help you by showing you all of the fees associated with each provider, so you know what to expect.

Removal of your ignition interlock device isn’t free either. Once you have completed your ignition interlock term and have gained approval from your monitoring authority to have your device removed from your vehicle, you will pay anywhere from $50 to $100, again depending on the monitoring company and state and county you live in.

There are several other monitoring fees that some providers charge you need to be aware of. One is an early termination fee. If you have signed a contract with your ignition interlock provider and try to break that contract, you will incur an early termination fee.

Late fees and missed appointment fees are two other fairly straightforward ways your provider can charge you over and above your monthly lease fee. Again, this is an easy way to pick the best provider by searching for one who is not charging you these extra and unnecessary fees.

Getting an installation from a reputable provider is key in avoiding being overcharged throughout your lease term. We can help you with this. Visit our Get a Quote page and in less than five minutes, we can provide you with the top ignition interlock providers available in your area.