The time it takes to install an ignition interlock device depends on a few factors, most of those relying on the provider you choose, their installation location’s distance from where you are located, how quickly they can get you on their schedule, etc.

Some locations offer same day appointments and can install an ignition interlock device in as little as an hour. Most companies, however, require appointments be made at least 24 hours in advance because they do not stock devices and may have to have them shipped to that store.

Another factor on length of ignition interlock installation time is the type of vehicle the device will be installed in. Newer vehicles with keyless, push button start ignitions take longer than a regular keyed ignition. Some installation shops won’t even install a device on newer or electric vehicles. This is something to keep in mind when choosing your ignition interlock provider. In order to receive the best options for you, make sure you fill out the Get a Quote page with as much information as you can, so you are matched with the most appropriate ignition interlock provider for your situation.

As you might imagine, there is a lot of paperwork and training involved when you have an ignition interlock device installed into your vehicle. Some tech savvy providers have mobile apps which let you fill out paperwork and watch your training videos before arriving at the shop. This can save you all kinds of time the day of installation. If getting the fastest install possible is important to you, consider finding an ignition interlock provider that offers this type of technology. Our Get a Quote page can help you find one fast.

If you choose to fill out your paperwork and do your training onsite at your provider’s location, you will do so while the technicians are installing your interlock device. Once installation is complete, you will receive training on how to use your new ignition interlock device. If your state requires the additional installation of a camera, you will learn how that works in relation to your device as well. After the installer has gone over everything with you and you have a thorough understanding of how to use your new device, you will sign your ignition interlock lease agreement, pay the fees associated with your lease and you can be on your way.

Now that you know how long an installation will take, it’s time for you to find an ignition interlock provider. We have a form to help you do just that. Visit our Get a Quote page, fill out the form and we will provide you with the top ignition interlock providers available in your area.