Before having an ignition interlock device installed into your vehicle, it is a very good idea to get quotes from all the companies you are considering. That way you can compare everything that is being offered by each company and make the best decision for you. The following are some of the factors to keep in mind when comparing providers.

How long has the company been in business? Their length of business history can give you a really good idea of their level of efficiency and expertise. Companies that have just started in the ignition interlock business may not understand the laws and procedures each state has. Also, newer ignition interlock devices may not have gone through the extensive testing that more experienced devices have. Choosing a newer ignition interlock business may mean you are not choosing the best device on the market.

They need to be fully educated and up-to-date on their state’s requirements. Any installation provider that isn’t knowledgeable in this area should be avoided. Whether you are a first-time ignition interlock device customer or someone with previous experience, this can be overwhelming for anyone, and you are relying on the interlock provider to make this as easy and mistake-free as possible. This means they must know the laws of the state in which they operate and must stay up to date on all the changes made to laws as they occur.

Availability of appointments can be a deciding factor with the provider you choose. Some offer same-day appointments and this convenience could make them stand out from the rest. Many offer next-day appointments, which is also convenient if you don’t need service immediately. If you require an installation during the weekend, look for a provider that offers service times on Saturday and Sunday. They are out there, just maybe not as common in smaller markets.

When it comes to ignition interlock device pricing, the cost of leasing the device isn’t the only one to consider. For a breakdown of all the costs involved, take a look at our article on the cost of leasing an ignition interlock device.

You can save yourself quite a bit of time by using our online ignition interlock quote comparison tool. Similar to what some car insurance sites offer, this allows you to compare lease quotes all at once, which also limits the number of companies you have to share your personal information with. Check it out here and use it to help you get information from all the top ignition interlock providers available in your area.

Final factors to consider when comparing quotes: the length of time it takes a company to initially install your ignition interlock device. The type of vehicle you drive as well as how busy and potentially backed up the provider’s service location is can all play into how long it will take the company to install your device.

Some providers require a long-term lease agreement for installation of an ignition interlock device. Others are able to offer month-to-month lease agreements. Make sure you get quotes from providers that offer both so you can truly compare. This is a very important factor for many people who don’t wish to be tied into a long-term agreement. Read more about the pros and cons of both types of leases here.

If you’re ready to start comparing ignition interlock device quotes, visit our Get a Quote page. In less than five minutes, we can provide you with the top ignition interlock providers available in your area and you can start making your decision on which provider to go with.