Virginia Ignition Interlock Laws

Have you been arrested for a Virginia DUI? You are not alone. In 2008 more than 28,000 Virginians were arrested for driving under the influence. With so many drunk driving arrests on a yearly basis, it is no wonder that law enforcement and Virginia legislatures have declared war on the problem of drunk driving on Virginia highways.

Virginia DUI statutes, like most other states laws, can be more severe depending on the circumstances behind the arrest and whether it was a repeat offense or not. 1st time DUI offenders must pay a fine of $250 and will have their driver’s licenses suspended for 1 year. There are circumstances that can make these charges much worse and result in the mandatory use of an Ignition Interlock Device. Driving with a child under 17 in the auto at the time of arrest, or having an especially high BAC (above .15) can result in stricter regulations.. 2nd time DUI offenders will lose their licenses for 3 years and 3rd time and subsequent offenders will lose their license indefinitely and pay a $1000 fine.

Virginia Ignition Interlock Device laws require that for a first offenses, the court can choose to enforce the installation of an ignition interlock device for the resumption of full or conditional driving privileges. For second time offenses, the IID requirement is no longer an option for the court, it must be enforced. This usage must last at least 6 months. The court must require ignition interlock for an offense where an offender’s blood alcohol content equals or exceeds 0.15 percent, as a condition of a restricted license or as a condition of license restoration.

The use of Ignition Interlock Devices for DUI offenders can help limit drunk driving by decreasing recidivism. The tendency for DUI offenders to repeat their actions is well documented. Especially among the most dangerous of DUI offenders. This is usually because those individuals who are most likely to be involved in the worst of DUI accidents, the ones that are fatal, have serious alcohol abuse problems. Most are alcoholics that required medical treatment to gain control of their addictions. All too often they are not diagnosed as such, or have not sought out the necessary treatment, which results in the continued habit of binge drinking and getting behind the wheel. The presence of an IID effectively eliminates this scenario, saving lives in the process.

Smart Start of Virginia employs technicians and staff that are well versed in the newest laws and statutes regarding IIDs, so we can be a great source of information for clients. Navigating the complex minefield of laws, rules, and regulations following a DUI can be daunting. We deal with the rules, courts, and forms that are necessary for adhering to court ordered requirements on a daily basis and we can make sure that you are following all of your requirements, while making sure you do not run afoul of the law.

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