Should I consider voluntary IID installation?

voluntary ignition interlock

There is no doubt that ignition interlock devices have helped and continue to help keep roadways safe by preventing drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel after they have consumed alcohol. These units have helped prevent drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence from getting another conviction because it prevents them from driving if there is alcohol on their breath. These units are mandatory for drivers who have been convicted of drunk driving in nine states, some of these states require ignition interlock devices after the second conviction instead of the first conviction.

Ignition interlock devices are not only for those who have been convicted of drunk driving. Any person can have an ignition interlock device in their vehicle to protect themselves, or another driver that uses that vehicle, from driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are concerned that you will make poor decisions after you have been drinking, you can eliminate the chances of getting behind the wheel while you are intoxicated by volunteering to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This can also be helpful if you are concerned that another person who uses your vehicle may make these poor choices.

Studies have shown the number of volunteers for the installation of ignition interlock devices is growing quickly. This is especially true for the parents of young drivers who are either underage, or just at 21 years of age. These parents are protecting themselves and their children from the physical and emotional duress of the potential ramifications of drunk driving, and a drunk driving crash. They are also protecting themselves from the financial burden of the potential ramifications. As a parent you always want to believe that your children will make the right decisions, but this can ensure that your children will make the right choices even when you are not around.

Additionally, some people have installed ignition interlock devices voluntarily due to insurance breaks offered by certain insurance companies. These companies are happy to give a discounted rate to parents who are taking steps to prevent their children from getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking. This not only stops the young driver from driving while under the influence, it also helps protect the insurance company from the potential cost of a car wreck caused by intoxication. This is a win-win situation for parents protecting their children, and insurance companies protecting themselves.

Voluntary ignition interlock device installation is a viable option for any driver who is worried about getting behind the wheel of a car after they have been drinking. These devices not only protect the driver, they protect other drivers from the dangers of being on the road with a drunk driver. With the additional security of protecting your family members, and younger drivers, it is almost shocking that more people do not install ignition interlock devices voluntarily. Voluntary ignition interlock device installation can be done on any car, by any driver,. However, just be sure you have a reputable company install the device, and that you keep it regularly calibrated so that it continues to work properly.



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