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ignition interlock cameraIgnition interlock companies are always trying to stay on the brink of technology advancements to keep devices easy to use, and reliable. They also want to make sure their devices are difficult to tamper with so that the interlock devices continue to help keep drunk drivers off the road. One of the biggest concerns with ignition interlock devices is the possibility that it may not be the driver’s breath used for the test, some have even gone so far as to try using a balloon or an air compressor. Most devices are designed to abort if they are being tampered with, but now interlock companies have taken it a step further.

Some ignition interlock devices now come with a small camera that takes a picture each time the ignition interlock device is used for a test or a re-test. The picture is then recorded with the test results so it can be seen exactly who took the test and what their results were. It will also record any attempts to tamper with the test. These pictures will help hold the driver accountable for any and all tests taken on the ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle.

This information is on record and available for you or any monitoring authorities to check. The information is also submitted to the state on a regular basis so they can keep a watchful eye and maintain regular surveillance on those who have ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. This information is also available to probationary officers who may need to follow up on your case or your ignition interlock device to be sure you are not still drinking and driving.

The ignition interlock device will collect a variety of information and store it for the duration of your mandatory ignition interlock device installation. This is the information that is then available for you or monitoring authorities to track. It is also the information that is submitted to the state for monitoring. This information includes the breath alcohol content level that is detected, the vehicle engine’s start and stop time, the vehicle’s run time, your photograph, and key events. These key events include the timing and results of rolling retests that are administered during your drive.

You are responsible for any and all results that are recorded on your ignition interlock device while it is installed in your vehicle. New technology allows ignition interlock devices to record a plethora of information, including a photograph of you as you are submitting for your test. That information is then available for review and submitted to the state on a regular basis so your record continues to be monitored. It is legal for monitoring authorities to request additional information about your device, and to gain access to your ignition interlock device’s records.



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