Rhode Island Ignition Interlock Laws

Rhode Island Ignition Interlock Laws have been implemented with the DUI statutes of the state in an effort to arm law enforcement and DUI judges with another weapon in the fight against drunk driving in the state. With more than 2,000 DWI arrests annually, Rhode Island is not immune to the DUI problem in our country.

One of the major issues law enforcement agencies across the country are facing regarding DUIs is the high level of recidivism among offenders. Statistics have demonstrated that individuals who are involved in fatal DUI accidents are more likely to have a prior DUI conviction on their record than not. This is due in no small part to the fact that the worst DUI offenders have severe alcohol abuse problems. By the time these individuals finally hit rock bottom it may be too late for innocent commuters on Rhode Island highways.

Ignition Interlocks can help in the fight against DUI recidivism. AN IID is a small device (about the size of a cell phone) that is attached to the ignition of a car. The device is a mini alcohol breath testing system, which using the newest technology, measures a potential car driver’s BAC before allowing the car to be started. If a driver blows anything about .02 they can be arrested for DUI.

Rhode Island Ignition Interlock Device statutes deal mainly with multiple DUI offenders. They dictate that any second DUI offender in the state may be required to operate motor vehicles equipped with ignition interlock devices from one to two years. Third or subsequent offenders may be required to use these devices for 2 years. Requirements begin following the completion of any incarceration period.

Regardless of your specific situation, the Ignition Interlock specialists at Smart Start of Rhode Island can help you. Our service offers the rental, installation and maintenance of ignition interlock devices to those individuals in Rhode Island who wish to get a reinstated license, have been forced to have an IID installed on their vehicle due to multiple DWI arrests, or for those families who wish to have an IID installed onto a minor or loved ones automobile. Our offices deal with people in the same situation you are in on a daily basis. We are able to answer questions regarding your license restrictions, your court or Rhode Island motor vehicle mandated requirements, and of course, any questions you may have about the device itself.

Smart Start of Rhode Island has helped thousands of individuals adhere to court orders and successfully separate drinking from driving. We can help you during this very difficult time as well. Our technicians are trained to deal exclusively with Rhode Island IID requirements. We can answer your questions and help put your mind at ease, while getting you back on the road so you can get your life back on track. Contact us online today or at 800-880-3394 for more information on our Rhode Island Ignition Interlock Device Locations and services.

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