Oklahoma Ignition Interlock Laws

Oklahoma, like all states, have struggled with the issue of drunk driving on their highways. Over 18,000 people are arrested for DWI in the state yearly and hundreds more lose their lives due to alcohol related auto accidents. In response to these numbers, Oklahoma, like other states have turned to Igniton Interlock Devices to help curtail the amount of drunk drivers on our highways.

An IID is a small cell phone sized device that measures alcohol content when an individual blows into a tube attached to the device. The device is then in turn attached to the ignition of the automobile, allowing it to start if the driver’s breath contains less than .02 BAC alcohol. The device also logs failed tests in a computer system that alerts the DMV and courts.

A major issue with drunk driving offenders is their tendency to repeat their behavior, regardless of the initial consequences. Individuals who tend to have drinking problems or “functional alcoholics” as they’re called, may be some of the types of people who will attempt to drink and drive more than just once. Statistics show that individuals who are involved in fatal alcohol related auto accidents are much more likely to have a prior DUI then not.

Oklahoma’s Ignition Interlock Laws deal with the issue of aggravated driving for first time offenders. This is when an individual was convicted of driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content of over .15 (the legal limit is .08). Such a conviction requires ignition interlock use for a minimum of 30 days.

There are also mandatory license revocation periods for DUI arrests. For the first offense, the period is 30 days, for 2nd DUI offenses, driving privileges are revoked for six months, and for third and subsequent offenses, driver’s licenses are lost for a full year. It is important to notice that the term of these revocations can be altered by the courts if they wish. Oklahoma courts can take into account all extenuating circumstances surrounding a case, when making their determinations.

Any License revocation can be modified if the DUI offender can illustrate to the court that no other valid means of transportation exists. The modification of the revocation would be contingent upon the installation of an IID.

Smart Start of Oklahoma is an ignition interlock device specialist who use cutting edge technology to help reduce drinking and driving on our nation’s highways. By effectively separating drinking from driving, our Ignition Interlock Devices can save lives while helping those individuals who have been convicted of a DUI offense work towards reclaiming their license and fulfilling their court ordered or Department of Motor Vehicle requirements.

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