Ohio Ignition Interlock Laws

Ignition Interlock Laws in Ohio have been implemented as a direct response to the growing concern over the amount of drunk driving arrests in the state. Over 19,000 people were arrested for OVIs (Operating A Vehicle Intoxicated) in 2008. In an effort to lower that number, the Ohio legislature and law enforcement agencies have made it a priority to deal swiftly and sternly with OVI offenders in their state. Part of this plan includes the use of Ignition Interlock Devices for drivers wishing to regain their driving privileges.

IID’s are especially effective at preventing recidivism among OVI offenders. Statistics have shown that most fatal alcohol related accidents are committed by individuals who have been arrested for OVI in the past. These individuals clearly have drinking problems that they cannot control, and while the initial OVI is a deterrent for a time, they eventually revert back to old habits and get behind the wheel of their autos inebriated.

An IID would prevent the offender from ever starting their automobile. A small device, about the size of a cell phone, the Ignition interlock device is attached to the ignition of the car, and would not start until the driver blew an alcohol free breath into the device. While IIDs are installed on autos, they all but eliminate drunk driving.

Ohio law dictates that 1st time OVI offenders go through an An Administrative License Suspension (ALS) which is given for 90 days. This court mandated suspension can last anywhere between 6 months and 3 years depending on the wishes of the presiding judge over your case. Individuals who have aggravating circumstances attached to their case may end up with a longer IID required period. Things like injury as a result of the alcohol related accident, or excessively high BACs can be considered by the court in determining the length of the license suspension.

The statutes also state that:
“For first and second offenses, the court may order a person to use ignition interlock devices when using an occupational license; for third and subsequent offenses, the court must require a person to use these devices when using an occupational license.”
Interlock Ignition Devices Save Lives…

Smart Start of Ohio’s Ignition Interlock devices prevent impaired drivers from starting and operating motor vehicles. The separation of an unsafe driver from a vehicle that has the potential to be a deadly weapon may prevent untold tragedy. Ignition Interlock devices have documented success in limiting alcohol impaired driving, especially among those drivers who have been arrested for DUI in the past. Research shows that ignition interlocks are associated with substantial reductions in recidivism, ranging from 50 percent to 90 percent while the interlock is installed on the vehicle.

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