Nevada Ignition Interlock Laws

Nevada is famous for Las Vegas, the sprawling otherworldly playground where people flock to let go of their inhibitions. The desert playground has become a global destination where “anything goes”. While this may be true of life on the world famous Las Vegas Strip, the rest of Nevada functions as a regular, normally functioning state. Like all states, Nevada has issues with the problem of individuals driving while intoxicated. In 2008, over 12,000 people were arrested for DWI charges in the state and hundreds other lost their lives in alcohol related DWI accidents.

In an effort to curtail this dangerous behavior, the Nevada legislature have enacted new strict laws regarding DWI offenses. These laws and the punishments they lay out are allowing Nevada DUI courts to take a stand against drunk driving in the state. One major aspect of Nevada’s plan to curtail drunk driving is the use of Ignition Interlock Devices. By placing the power of enforcing IID restrictions on drivers with the courts, the state has given the DUI judges in the state the power to limit the amount of habitual drunk drivers on Nevada highways.

The court has the discretion to force DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device as condition of gaining restricted driving privileges. The court takes into consideration the circumstances of each case before determining whether IIDs are necessary. Generally speaking, IID’s are utilized on the following “schedule”:

First time DUI offenders: IID installed for 3 to 6 months
Second time DUI offenders: no requirement
Third Time DUI Offenders: 12 to 36 months (mandatory)

It is important to note that the ultimate decision on whether to utilize IIDs rests with the Nevada DWI courts. They will taking into account things like the number of DUI offenses you have been convicted of, the BAC at the time of your arrest (or if you refused to submit to a blood or breath test) and whether or not individuals were injured due to your drunk driving.

Regardless of your specific situation, the Ignition Interlock specialists at Smart Start of Nevada can help you. Our service offers the rental, installation and maintenance of ignition interlock devices to those individuals in Nevada who wish to get a reinstated license, have been forced to have an IID installed on their vehicle due to multiple DWI arrests, or for those families who wish to have an IID installed onto a minor or loved ones automobile. Our offices deal with people in the same situation you are in on a daily basis. We are able to answer questions regarding your license restrictions, your court or Nevada motor vehicle mandated requirements, and of course, any questions you may have about the device itself.

Smart Start of Nevada has helped thousands of individuals adhere to court orders and successfully separate drinking from driving. We can help you during this very difficult time as well. Contact us online today or at 800-880-3394 for more information on our Nevada Ignition Interlock Device Locations and services.

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