Michigan Ignition Interlock Laws

Michigan, like all states in the US, has been dealing with a serious drunk driving problem for many years. More than 40,000 DWI arrests occurred in Michigan in 2008, while hundreds have lost their lives on Michigan highways due to alcohol related car accidents. In response to these issues, the legislature of the state has sough to adopt stricter laws with extensive punitive measures to help curtail the amount of drunk drivers on Michigan highways.

For instance, penalties for first time DUI offenders include the following:
$500 in fines
A maximum sentence of 93 days in jail
Up to 360 hours of community service (in lieu of jail time)
Driver’s license suspension for 30 days, followed by 150 days of driving restrictions (work only.)
The installation of ignition interlock device may be necessary
A $1000 Driver Responsibility fee
Misdemeanor charge

Penalties can get exponentially worse for 2nd and 3rd time offenders in Michigan, and each level of punitive measures includes an ignition interlock device facet. By utilizing IIDs, the state is hoping to limit the amount of recidivism that is common among DWI offenders. Statistics have shown that Many drivers involved in fatal alcohol-impaired-driving crashes have been arrested previously for driving while intoxicated (DWI). In 2007, drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 grams per deciliter or higher in fatal crashes were eight times more likely to have a prior conviction for driving while impaired than were drivers with no alcohol (NHTSA, 2008a).

In the state of Michigan, a person who has had his license revoked for any drunk-driving offense may, after the mandatory revocation period, be issued a restricted license instead of full driving privileges. If a restricted license is issued, the driver is limited to operating motor vehicles that are equipped with an ignition interlock device. The initial period for the use of such device is 1 year.

Effective October 31, 2010 interlocks will be required for first-time DUI offenders convicted with a BAC of .17 or above.

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