Ignition Interlock Devices: Easy, Convenient, Affordable

A conviction for drunk driving is rough. If you have had the misfortune of a DUI conviction, you may be legally required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. Although it can be a headache, it’s nice to know that you can still drive wherever, whenever necessary. Knowing that an ignition interlock device will be a part of your everyday life for awhile, this might be a good time for you to become familiar with ignition interlock as a technology that helps you drive more safely and effectively.

Ignition interlock is a technology that is used to aid a person who consumes alcohol to determine if they can safely operate a motor vehicle. The vehicle’s ignition is locked out from the driver and the driver must briefly exhale towards the ignition interlock device that then measures the breath-alcohol content of the driver. The measured reading is compared to the device’s programmed blood-alcohol level for acceptance or rejection. The level is typically between 0.02 to 0.04 percent, the legal limit of allowance for trace alcohol in one’s body. If the ignition interlock device reading results in acceptance, the ignition interlock is released, allowing the driver to start and use their vehicle. If the device reading results in rejection, the ignition interlock is retained, preventing the driver from using their vehicle.

Although it sounds rather complicated, it’s easy for you! The device is reliable and it works. Simply schedule an installation appointment at any one of the locations near you, watch a video about how the device works, and you’re back on the road!

There are many ignition interlock devices to choose from these days. Some types are better than others. Ignition interlock technology has evolved from its primordial days of being characterized as a cumbersome breathalyzer. Choosing an ignition interlock device can be a daunting task but we are here to help inform you not only about the technology but also to separate the facts from fiction of this technology, its benefits to you, common questions that you can research on what to expect from this technology, and how to troubleshoot your ignition interlock device.

Legally, you are now responsible to have the ignition interlock system installed in your car for the designated time conferred upon you by the court. Our consumer section can make your job of finding the system you need easier by helping to guide you to the ignition interlock device that might suit your needs and meet your legal requirements.

You can relax by knowing that ignition interlock device technology has progressed to the point where today not only the device is less intrusive, it is far more efficient and reliable. You can safely get where you’re going whenever you want to go.

While it is not possible to self-install an ignition interlock device, the good news is that there are a many installers in your area from which you can pick to meet your needs as best as possible for scheduling an installation of the ignition interlock device at your convenience and offering an affordable price for the device.

Although you can view your ignition interlock device as just “one more hassle,” remember the great news – you are still able to drive. Also, keep in mind that these devices are convenient, reliable and affordable. Feel free to use this site for information about ignition interlock devices’ benefits and technology. If you have any questions about ignition interlock devices, contact your local ignition interlock device provider.

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