Ignition Interlocks Reduce Time Devoted to DUI Cases

Because ignition interlock devices are available, and are viable options for those who have been convicted of a DUI, court cases take less time to be settled. In addition, ignition interlock devices have been proven to bring down the number of repeat DUI offenders, meaning less time is spent in court for a second, third or fourth offense. Ignition interlock devices not only benefit DUI offenders, by allowing them to regain their driving privileges, they also benefit the civilians on the road, and the judges and attorneys who work on these DUI cases.

Ignition interlock devices have become somewhat of a norm as DUI punishments. They were originally viewed as not hard enough punishment for DUI offenders. But today, with the new technology and their tamper-proof setup, ignition interlock devices allow DUI offenders to drive while still being supervised, in a way. These ignition interlock devices not only allow drivers back on the road, they also have helped cut down the time spent prosecuting DUI cases. The time spent in the courtroom has been cut down because both sides of the argument can agree on the installation of an ignition interlock device.

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