Car Breathalyzers: What to Expect

When faced with the reality of a DUI conviction and the requirement that you must have a car breathalyzer or ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle according to state’signition interlock laws, we understand that you are not pleased with the restrictions placed upon you. While we cannot help to change what occurred, we can sympathetically provide you with information you need and let you know what to expect when using the car breathalyzer technology.

An affordable and convenient car breathalyzer is installed in your vehicle after you select the location where you wish to have the device installed. The ignition interlock laws in your state will determine how long you need to have the car breathalyzer installed.

For the time you need to use the car breathalyzer, it will require you to provide about a 1.5 liter of breath sample each time you wish to start your car. The pre-programmed blood-alcohol level in the car breathalyzer will be checked against your breath sample. If the car breathalyzer detects a level within its programmed range, you can immediately start your vehicle and go about your business. If your blood-alcohol level is over the programmed reading, you will not be able to start your vehicle but you can do another test within approximately 15 minutes.

During your driving period, you may be subject to rolling tests as well. The car breathalyzer will notify you as you drive when it is time to sample your breath while using your car. Be careful when doing this because we know some drivers prefer to pull over safely to give the breath sample while others can manage while driving. Use common sense when conducting the rolling retests.

Whether you drive and test or pull over to the side of the road to test, it’s important to know that your car will not shut down if you fail the breath test while driving. You will have an opportunity to safely pull over and park your car after a failed test. Again, please note that your vehicle will NOT shut down during a rolling retest.

All breath sample requirements from your car breathalyzer, including any you fail to take when requested, are recorded by the device and that data is shared with the State. It is best you comply with the car breathalyzer breath requests to get through the program quicker.

The car breathalyzer itself is meant to be minimally intrusive as a device in your vehicle. Today’s ignition interlock systems have more benefits to consumers; they are lightweight and about the size of a cell phone. The unit is located in the glove box of your vehicle and hardwired to the dashboard comfortably positioned where you can blow a sample of air in to the car breathalyzer when needed.

You are responsible for all readings logged to the car breathalyzer. This means if you have another person blow in to the unit instead of yourself but you later blow and fail a test, you might be inviting more legal trouble. It is best to not attempt to defeat the car breathalyzer system because there is no way to do so.

You may have heard rumors about car breathalyzers that are simply untrue. Many myths and theories about car breathalyzers have long gone by the wayside from the technology’s early days. Today’s car breathalyzers are quite advanced. Check out the facts on our site to answer your questions about this technology and its benefit to you.

Your car breathalyzer will require you to make a visit to your installer-dealer approximately once per month. The required visit allows the technician to verify your car breathalyzer has remained trouble-free and properly calibrated and is devoid of any tampering. Additionally, the accrued data for the month is downloaded and stored as your developing record of using the ignition interlock device.

When the time nears for you to be released of the requirement of having the car breathalyzer installed in your vehicle, you can visit the court or your attorney to discuss the procedures you will need to follow to remove the device in accordance with the ignition interlock laws in the state you live.

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